Lubna gave us the tools to define our business in such a way that made us feel unique in what we have to offer our potential clients. She gave us a CLEAR direction of what we need to do to market effectively, and have seen the results. We highly recommend her Branding Bootcamp!!
— Mia Miller,
Lubna gave a voice to my vision! She is an invaluable resource when it comes to branding and identifying unique target markets. She expertly analyzed my collection and was able to provide clear and specific advice regarding all aspects of product design, branding, and marketing imagery. Once I started to implement her techniques I noticed an increase in sales.
— Alexandra Damiano,
Lubna’s Branding Bootcamp and her insightful coaching helped me create a unique and cohesive Brand Blueprint that encapsulates my past, present and future works. Having a strong vision and engaging brand story has been crucial in getting the attention of curators, galleries and collectors.
— Gavin Benjamin,